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You have arrived at this page because you searched for ‘design agency Surrey’ on google. That’s great, because you found us! What’s next? Well now that you have found us you can relax, you’re in safe hands.

Design agency surrey

Producing effective meaningful design for many happy clients

Topright’s work is excellent, we got more than we hoped for.

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Our latest work

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Academy website design

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This page is called design agency Surrey and has been writen to demonstrate the fundamental practice when writing for websites. You found this page because you used the phrase above. The good news is, if you were searching for help with a brand launch, reworking a logo or web design you are in luck. Basically, you have found a company that can help you. I would urge you to explore our site and design portfolio further.

We present this section as a lesson in writing website content for the search ‘design agency Surrey’.

Our services.

We offer many services as a design agency including: graphic design, design for print, logo design, brand design, web design. Design agency Surrey is a high value search for our industry and our location.

Your budget.

Designers will have a good idea of how much your design work might cost, but first, the scope of work should be detailed in a brief. This will determine the budget. A good designer might have to answer a question that has been raised by consumer research, or it may just have to represent the company on a very basic level. Consequently, with a good brief, the designer will be able to give a good idea of cost. You searched ‘design agency Surrey’ and we are glad you did.

The basic principles of Graphic Design.

Graphic design is at the heart of everything we do as a design agency studio. It’s not just about creating something that looks beautiful. There is so much more to this creative skill. Design is a way of thinking. Design involves a meticulous thought process and holistic approach to solve a problem.

Typography, photography, illustration, colour and clear space are used to create visual communication of ideas and messages. Consequently, these are then communicated using various graphic elements and tools. Graphic design shapes the written and unwritten messages therefore creating visual experiences.

Graphic Design is everywhere. It is so important for business. It conveys clear messages about a brand or product. Driving sales and awareness.

There are many principles to design. Understanding them is essential for us as a design agency. Design is two fold, it is something that not only looks professional but also solves problems. As a result it communicates with the intended audience the correct message. 

These are some of the key principles that work together with the fundamentals of graphic design; typography, shape, imagery, colour, layout, line, texture, form, size. They influence how the design looks and whether it communicates what it is intended to.

As a design agency we use a range of tools and software. Both digital tools and working by-hand help us design and construct a whole array of design collateral. From websites to brochures to business stationery and logos, they all follow the basic principles of design.

The value of design agencies.

Good design far outweighs it’s cost. Download this report from The Design Council of England. It explores the relationship between client and designer. It highlights the demand for design in business. You might also also like to read this article on the impact of design. Our government use the same principals of design. Principals that align with our own.

The process of a holistic design agency.

Because topright design holistically, we can be assured of its effectiveness. We explore how the design will present itself in different relevant visual scenarios. This ensures that the work is fit for purpose. We call this process conceptulisation and development, it will filter out design that – at first glance, seems to work well. Deeper exploration eliminates design from the process. This is a process of failure that leads to controlled success. The client is spared from this pain, and only presented with design that work holistically.

All presented design will have been considered holistically and will be a good fit. The design after presentation is developed alongside the client to artwork stage. All part of delivery and support. Design agency Surrey is a high value search in our industry.

Other information.

Although topright design is based in Surrey we do work for London clients. We can work with your creative video agency, if you use one. Ensuring your brand is communicated correctly and effectively. We can also recommend one if you need one. You may have already trawled through many design studio websites to find us. We do hope that you are taken with our offering and that we are working with one another in the near future.

Design agency Surrey and SEO

This subheading has been placed here on purpose. Placing your subject matter as such is good for SEO (Search engine optimisation). Although writing and structuring in this way seems strange. It doesn’t represent the writing in the rest of our site. It is just a good way of getting clients who search this particular phrase to our website. Good business is about understanding all the angles. As a design agency we don’t sell SEO but we do understand it.

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