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Client: Griffin Schools Trust

‘We need to champion our new branding, whilst reviewing our navigation and content.’

Griffin Schools Trust operates family of schools in the Midlands and the South East of England. Topright were tasked by the trust to conceptualise and build a new academy trust website to represent them, their ethos and their three pillars: Proud Traditions; Wide Horizons; High Achievement.

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Academy trust website features

Topright included all the interactive features one would expect and more from a high-end academy trust website. Features such as: a comprehensive map; 3 sub-sites; policy feeding to all the schools within the trust; on-page widgetised sidebar; latest news feeds and downloadable trust policies. This site is different to most as it also contains three specific sub-sites. These feature information on the trusts’ yearly festivals, all within the mega menu. These sub-sites are very different visually to the trust’s site. But quite clearly part of the trust’s brand.

Upon entry the site, the user is greeted with the brands ‘waves’ pattern. Followed by three visual menu items. This makes full use of the trust’s photography of their family of schools. As well as giving a nod to their academy websites. Below this the user will be able to freely scroll down the page. Here they can view more content including the news stories, about the trust or browse the interactive school map. Although the user may choose to navigate using the menu in the top right of the screen.

User experience

Throughout the academy website design there is subtle movement and clever animation that visually amplifies the Academy trust’s care, experience and professionalism. Another feature is the sticky navigation menu. Which stays fixed to the top of the browser window. As the user begins to scroll down the page on the academy trust website, the navigation bar slightly reduces in height. Here the content moves up under the fixed navigation bar, simplifying navigation and improving the user experience. This is true in every view of the website (desktop, tablet and mobile displays.)


Georgia was chosen for its versatility, suitability and communication qualities. The Google font is used as HTML and embedded in the site. Georgia represents the majority of usage (predominately in the body copy) as per the academy trusts’ brand identity.


The accent colour that has been chosen for the website is from the trust’s logo. While the secondary colours are complimentary purples and blues, these complete the colour palette. Used to create colour gradients, these feature throughout the whole site.

On-page widgetised sidebar

Side widgets containing an on-page sticky menu that will move down the page with the user as they scroll.

Latest news feed

Feeding the latest three news stories written by the Academy Trust. Each linking to the individual story page inside the site.

On-page visual menu

An attractive visual menu to provide the user with two directions from which to explore.

Comprehensive map

A map which gives a clear location of all the Schools within the Trust. The location markers pulsate to invite the user to click them. Each location marker when clicked shows the school name, badge and link through to more detail about the School.
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Animated call to action

Call to action tiles used within the site, containing relevant information and 'front and centre' quick-links.

Mega menu

When an item is rolled over in the master navigation menu. The user is presented with a full four column navigation to choose from. The mega menu is then sub-divided under headings to give structure and order.

Omni-present search facility

A search symbol is located at the top right hand side throughout the site. Upon selecting the search symbol the user is be presented with an area in which to type and find their specific search.


A footer appears on all internal pages of this academy trust website. It includes the Griffin Schools Trust logo and the Trust's address.

You are the best!

Rosie JonesGriffin Schools Trust

We could never go anywhere else. Topright suggest and shape great designs because they understand your vision sometimes better than you do yourselves.

Liz LewisChief Executive, Griffin Schools Trust

Communication typeface
and colour gradients

Chosen for their versatility, suitability and communication qualities. These Google fonts are used as HTML and embedded in the site. Georgia represents the majority of usage (predominately in the body copy) as per the GST brand identity.







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