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Client: Open Sky

‘We’d like a website that’s bold, effortless for our visitors to use and impactful’

Topright have worked very closely with Turtle Key Arts and through this have been introduced to an extensive variety of arts and theatre companies. Open Sky who are produced by Turtle Key Arts combine new writing with visual, physical theatre. They work with local, national and international artists.

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Based in the mountains of rural Herefordshire, Open Sky asked topright to take care of their arts website design. They wanted something easy for users to navigate. Something that would make use of their bold icons and reflect the creativity of their shows and performances.

The arts website we created is unique to Open Sky. It makes excellent use of their weather icons. Each representing a different section of the site. The homepage is designed to showcase and promote their shows using large imagery and large typography. Each show clicks through to more information, images and videos from that show.

The Open Sky website is responsive across a range of devices. It will reformat itself giving the user the best experience, having been tailored to their device.

Neutral tones were used to make sure the images took center stage. Icons were engaging and impactful. Social icons on the header and contact details across the footer make it easy for users to share pages. Users are always able to get in touch with Open Sky.

arts website mobile version

Bold iconography

Topright created a set of icons to use on the website to represent the different sections of the site.

Responsive design

The site is built upon a grid system that allows it to be very effective when responsive. It works extremely well across the vast range of different devices and gives great user experience.

Colour pallet

A neutral colour pallet with just one accent colour make the site engaging and powerful.

Minimalist design

By creating a masonry grid upon which the images are displayed makes the most of strong production images. Many images are part of the sites navigation, making for an enhanced user experience.

Logo development

As part of the website work, topright were asked to develop Open Sky's logo in order for it to sit comfortably within the 'front of house' tone that the website would be.

Parallax functionality

The footer on every page is 'revealed' from behind the content rather than being attached to the content. This gives the site a more compact/neater feel.
arts website on a laptop

Topright are friendly and caring with a real understanding of the creative and performing arts and the charity sector.

Alison King
CEO, Turtle Key Arts

There is a creative brilliance to topright and a genuine flair with an attention to detail alongside that personal touch. We are always so delighted with the end result and we cannot recommend them enough.

Alison KingCEO, Turtle Key Arts

The website design showcases and promotes our shows exquisitely.

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