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Client: Dairy UK | AHDB


“Unity | Digital toolkit | Education | Communication.”

The Dairy Council, Dairy UK and AHDB (Agriculture and Horticulture Development Board) asked topright to develop a campaign website. The website would bring dairy farmers together and provide them with knowledge and tools. They would be able to successfully promote the nutritional benefits of dairy to consumers through personal social media channels.

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The design of the campaign website is simple. It creates a smooth user experience. Positioning the page information at the top of the screen allows dairy farmers to navigate easily. They are easily able to find the information they require. The campaign website content includes educational video blogs directed at the farmers themselves. Helping them to understand and utilise social media. The campaign website helps them by informing and explaining nutrition and health claims legislation.

Thus armed the farmers can share the ready-made information provided. The website includes recipes; nutritional videos and an ever developing array of colourful, eye-catching infographics. These infographics be saved to a number of digital devices and shared with a few quick clicks.

The campaign graphic in the header is cleverly animated. Presented in three separate layers, the graphic follows the users mouse. These independent movements create depth, resulting in a three dimensional feel.

The simplicity and clever campaign website design makes Tell It Like It Is an ideal tool for dairy farmers. They are able to successfully communicate the nutritional benefits of dairy to consumers. They can create social media content with ease, in a language anyone can understand.


Campaign styling

Use of design cues and graphics within the website tie in with other marketing collateral.

Clever Animation

The campaign graphic in the masthead is made up of three layers. Each move at different speeds. Resulting in the impression of depth and three dimension.

Blog feed

The latest blog entry feeds to the front page of the campaign website.
campaign site

Clear iconography

Dynamic clear iconography help the user with navigation.

Video feeds

Video feeds from both Vimeo and Youtube.

Responsive design

The campaign website shuffles and re-structures content dependent on the device being used to view it. Whether viewed on desktop, tablet or mobile the viewer is given the most appropriate view.

A library of social media collateral

topright created a plethora of ready made imagery and infographics for use.

Informative and instructional language.

topright created helpful and instructional writing.

Fully managed

Has a full CMS (content management system) and is built in WordPress. It is securely hosted and updated by topright.

Eye-catching infographics that can be saved to a number of digital devices.

The design of the website is simple and creates a smooth user experience.

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