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Client: Anthony Crickmay Trustees

‘Create us a charity logo to represent one of Britain’s greatest photographers.’

Topright created this charity logo design for The Abderrahim Crickmay Charitable Setttlement. It was was an honour. Anthony Crickmay, is one of Britain’s most celebrated photographers. He is best known for his dance and theatre photography. During his long career he worked regularly for The Royal Ballet. He photographed many of the world’s greatest dancers and choreographers. His photographs have graced many a wall in the form of legendary poster images.

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Logo design
The presentation by topright consisted of two charity logo designs. This included, visuals that showed a holistic view to help guide the client’s decision. During the design process, each logo was explored in both landscape and portrait arrangements. This was to ensure the logo had flexibility and impact in different use requirements.

Purposely removing the hyphen from the ‘Abderrahim-Crickmay’ logotype for aesthetic purposes leaves clean typography. A logo doesn’t need to be literal translation of a company name, because it is an identity. Therefore, the hyphen would reduce from the flow of the logo and identity.

The mono colour choice ensures a level of seriousness. Whilst paying tribute to his black and white photography. It has distinctive and unique typography. As a result, the logo displays heritage and friendliness. Most importantly, it implies trust. Visually separating the name improves readability. It also provides a more usable and attractive proportion to the logo. The monogram adds another layer to the identity. It can be used alongside the logotype or separately. This gives flexibility as well as greater breadth to the brand. The logos were also shown in ‘white-out’ states.

Visualising the logo
Topright expanded on the charity logo designs. Showcasing how the logo might look in a real life scenario with photographic visual mock-ups.

Primary logo

Logo variants

Portrait white-out primary logo

charity 'white-out' logo

Landscape white-out primary logo

“Elegant and moorish”


The logo pays tribute to Crickmay's black and white photography with its distinctive and unique typography.

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