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Client: Dairy UK


“Help us organise the structure and appearance of our content to reflect our remit.” is a prestigious URL and a demanding website redesign and build project. The consumer website design now has two distinct sides. One side of the site is for the consumer and is packed with health advice and information about dairy products. The other is a registration enabled face allowing signed up health professionals the ability to order free publications, review the latest industry information and get access to exclusive seminars and talks.

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Dairy UK are a processor-led organisation who representing farmer-owned co-ops and private dairy companies. Their members collect and process about 85% of the milk produced in the UK providing employment and contributing to the UK economy. They exist to promote the consumption of British dairy products at home and on the international market. They work with MPs and with the government to promote a better understanding of the dairy sector.

The consumer website design looks fantastic. It’s slick and simple in appearance. But it has a complex and powerful backend that enable Dairy UK to add their publications, decide if they are for the consumer or health professional side and whether they are downloadable or can be ordered as printed copies. It also allows the publications to be categorised and populated throughout the site with subject appropriate content. It also features a full CMS system so that Dairy UK can edit, add and administer themselves using a simple to understand interface. In fact it allows the client complete control of the content of their newly redesigned website.


Website support

topright support DairyUK with their various websites ensuring that things are on track and any problem or issues are overcome with friendly advice or a helping hand.

Healthcare professional's area

The site has a secure members area that contains a plethora of professional information and a publication ordering facility that is directly linked to their logistics centre for distribution.

Visual menu

The homepage of the site is split into a pictorial menu. This improves user engagement and helps with navigation by referencing the display images at the head of each page.

Intuitive navigation

Each of the website’s pages has a condensed version of the home page visual menu at its foot. This highlights the menu and improves ease of navigation greatly.
consumer site
consumer design

Responsive design

The site shuffles and re-structures content dependent on the device being used to view it. Whether viewed on desktop, tablet or mobile and in either landscape or portrait, the viewer is given the most appropriate view.

Fully managed publication ordering

From one central location the client is able to update/amend their publication ordering system. The public side of the site only shows downloadable files, whereas the health care professional side is linked to their stock control and orders are fulfilled directly with the distribution company.

Image sourcing

A great deal of the imagery on the website was sourced by topright and makes browsing the site a joy.

CMS (Content management system)

Dairy UK can edit, add and administer themselves using a simple to understand interface.

The site looks fantastic. It’s slick and simple in appearance, but it has a complex and powerful backend.

Topright are always ready to turn around new ideas and creative concepts quickly, and are reliable and flexible in helping us meet our deadlines on time. More than that, the team are always friendly and helpful and are a pleasure to work with.

Sophie ClarkeCommunications Manager, Dairy UK

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