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Client: Undershaw Education

‘We need a leading brand and world class school website’

Brand and education website design
Whilst all the school brand design was being applied, topright built the school website. We included all the the interactive features one would expect from a high-end website wrapped around the brand styling. Features such as: a calendar feed; Twitter feed; latest news feeds; embedded school publications; downloadable elements and form submissions; connection to the management information system and an Alumni portal.

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This education website design was built as a network. Incorporating a Hire and Events website for marketing the spaces and facilities. The other separate section of the website is the Alumni social network. Offering ex-students of the school a platform to share ideas and thoughts and create a community. Students and teachers can create profiles, share images, chat and create groups.

Completely re-structured and re-written content make sure that the brand message runs through all areas of the website. The carefully planned modules and links give a natural navigation experience with many ways to access information.

The website’s typography is carefully chosen. It is designed to give the site a very open, light touch – just like the rest of the brand. Imagery is sensitive in this environment and so is kept to a minimum. The stylish and well received website created a twenty-fold increase in enrolment enquiries in its first month. A website the school are rightfully proud of.

School website design

Built as WordPress multisite. The site had access to the functionality needed to meet the brief. Creating three separate sections for three zones. Building a multisite although more difficult offers far greater range for the potential. Each area of the site has it’s own dashboard for the users allowing for non-global changes.

Brand tenets

The tenets (identified as part of the brand development) are used as ‘front and centre’ links to key content on the website, They are not only navigation, but act as visual ‘ quick links’ into the site to areas of both message and importance to the user. These 'quick links' are exciting visual design and form a visual structure and language. This would anchors the school's core philosophy to actual physical action.

CMS (Content Management System)

WYSIWYG (what you see is what you get) front end editing CMS allows the client to make a great deal of changes throughout the site themselves allowing them more control over future content. A must with education website design.


The site has a comprehensive calendar that is easily updated by the school in the CMS backend. Ensuring that Staff, Students, Teachers and Stakeholders are all aware of upcoming events.

Categorised Gallery

Having a categorised gallery allows the user to search through images more comprehensively. It also allows the site to be feed specific category group images to appropriate pages. Ensuring that any updates made to the gallery are 'globally' feed. Keeping the site fresh and up-to-date.

Alumni Network

A stand alone online community was created so that Alumni of the school could create user accounts, exchange stories, images and conversations between themselves and staff. Groups can be set up and accounts fully managed and populated.

Multisite design and build

This site has three separate and visually separate sections. Each with their own navigation. Basically the url consisted of education website design for three separate sites. It consists of the main school site, the hire and events business as well as the Alumni online community.
Education website mobile

I have been delighted with topright – everything from brief to delivery has been excellent. topright have been my comrades in arms in creating a leading brand and world class website.

Davinia SwanstonMarketing and Fundraising Manager, Undershaw Education

I had an incredibly tight deadline within which to deliver a rebrand and new website. Not only did topright understand the magnitude of the task ahead, they took it on with gusto!

Davinia SwanstonMarketing and Fundraising Manager, Undershaw Education

Often in business, a sense of connection is everything. Use them. They are good people.

Davinia SwanstonMarketing and Fundraising Manager, Undershaw Education

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