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Client: Julius Lumsden

“It can’t just be down to a website’s aesthetic. Create a feeling, an experience…”

Julius Lumsden. Not only a fashion designer, he has been a Professor of Fashion Business, Branding, Marketing, Creative process, Trend Analysis, Collection Development, Colour Design Theory and Fashion History as well as a design consultant and creative advisor. So when he asked topright to help express his fashion brand design experience in web form, we jumped at the challenge.

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His work draws on his multiculturalism, his sexuality, his spirituality and his international life experience. As well as his desire to change the belief that women are often shamed in society via their bodies and any sexual expression of it.

Julius Lumsden is his brand’s story. They are synonymous. So it was vital that we communicated this through every aspect of the website’s design.

The home page uses a combination of abstract images and photography of his work to reflect the fashion brand’s concept. ‘The Julius Lumsden woman is a study in paradoxes. She is The Lady, She is The Mistress, She is The Mother, She is both Good and Bad, She is conservative with an urban edge, She is exciting to men and to women, She is a study in duality, She is timeless.’

The logotype design reflects the elegance and empowerment shown through his collection. The minimalist, classic logo device enhances the beauty and secrecy of the fashion brand design.


High impact homepage

The homepage opens on a clean and uncluttered full-page image. The user is invited to scroll down. Which uses a clever vertical slider animation to reveal the experience and values that Julius Lumsden wanted to communicate.

Brand rich

Using pattern and imagery created by topright, the brand values and soul of Julius Lumsden clothing is cleverly woven into the site.

Password protected

The site has a password protected area for new designs ideas to be shared with industry associates.
Fashion brand design on laptop
Fashion brand design responsive design

Responsive design

The site shuffles and re-structures content dependent on the device being used to view it. Whether viewed on desktop, tablet or mobile and in either landscape or portrait, the viewer is given the most appropriate view.

Social media

Social media links are omni present in the masthead

Clever animation

The homepage has a cleverly animated visual menu to delve deeper into the site. This animated effect gives the impression of a three dimensional panel for each of the core navigation points.

Identity implementation

Use of font, colour and identity design cues tie the site into the new brand.

The home page uses a combination of abstract images and photography which reflects the fashion brand’s concept

Logo variants

Fashion brand design monogram

Graphic emblem light background

Fashion brand design whit-out monogram

Graphic emblem dark background

Fashion brand design white-out logo

Logotype dark background

Fashion brand design logo creation

Logotype light background

It’s not just what the web page looks like it’s creating a feeling, an experience. topright conveyed exactly what I wanted to say as a brand. It was a pleasure talking to Nik and will certainly work with topright as I grow my brand.

Julius LumsdenDesign Consultant + Creative Advisor

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