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Client: Wrapt Films

‘SEO and responsiveness are important to us…’

Wrapt Films are an independent, award-winning production company based in rural Hertfordshire. They create powerful storytelling, which produces emotional connections with their audience. Wrapt Films came to us for their new website. We were asked to develop a website that was not only search engine optimisation (SEO) friendly and responsive, but it had to be creative, engaging and unique to Wrapt Films. The new site we built for them features a black and white theme throughout with colour used only in some functionality and when videos play.

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Website brief

A main stipulation in their website brief was to clearly separate their two core services. They offer services to Film & TV companies and Corporates and they wanted users to access which ever they needed quickly. Their old production company website did not separate these well. Now, when users land on the homepage, they are greeted with an early option in the form of two distinct choices – ‘Film & TV Production’ or ‘Digital Video Content’. This makes it simple and easy for users to locate the appropriate services.


The text content on their outdated website was largely comprised of images of text rather than live text. This meant that in terms of SEO , the site received no benefit. Search Engines do not ‘read’ images and therefore do not read the text contained within them. This leads to poor search engine rankings and essentially made the site ‘less visible’ to potential clients.


Another pitfall to their use of images instead of text is that users were unable to search the production company website internally for the information that they wanted. Images also create larger file sizes than text and this means they can severely increase page load times. Shorter page load times lead to better SEO, so wherever images are used its important that they are correctly optimised to provide the best site performance. View our tutorial on how to optimise images in photoshop.

Responsive design

As well as the content problems, the outdated Wrapt Films site was not responsive. When viewed on a mobile or tablet the content of a responsive website adjusts to compensate for different screen sizes and orientation. For example, the text might re-size or shift position and menu formats change. This responsive behaviour ensures the the best possible user experience on whatever device they’re using.

Site functionality

The site features a large amount of functionality from parallax scrolling, hover/mouse-over effects and news feeds to site navigation and forms. Each element of functionality improves the user experience. A website with good functionality helps visitors find what they are looking for more quickly. If a site engages users then they are more likely to stay on your site for longer periods and are also more likely to leave having had a positive experience. This therefore means there is a much higher chance that users will come back and visit the site again.


The overall feel of the site is very modern and professional. A combination of Wrapt Films striking imagery, cleverly used with a limited colour pallet and engaging functionality throughout. We have created a really impressive, responsive website that certainly makes them stand out from their competitors.

Business Direction

Wrapt films have two different sides of their business, Film & TV production and Digital Video Content. These two types of clientele needed to be directed without alienating the other. The home page directs them from the outset.

Clever Animation

A clever slider effect takes the user to their desired destination on the homepage.

Easy social sharing

Quick sharing to multiple platforms from relevant pages.

Impressive clients

Wrapt film have some impressive clients and so topright made them stand out on the homepage using a grid of mono logos that 'colour-up' when rolled over.

Minimal menu

Wrapt films wanted a hamburger menu throughout the site in order to reduce any distraction from the visual messages.

Responsive design

The site shuffles and re-structures content dependent on the device being used to view it. Whether viewed on desktop, tablet or mobile and in either landscape or portrait, the viewer is given the most appropriate view.

Showreel and Portfolio

The minimal mono design breaks into colour when a project is rolled over, bringing focus to the piece of work. Each of the two portfolios of work are set on full width masonry grids which add maximum visual impact.

Embedded video content

Showreel and portfolio videos play on-site from third party video platforms Youtube and Vimeo.

Fully managed

Has a full CMS (content management system) and is built in WordPress. It is securely hosted and updated by topright.

The overall feel of the site is very modern and professional.

As we work in a visual medium the style of our site was very important. Topright’s creative work was excellent and we got more than we hoped for.

Lisle TurnerDirector, Wrapt Films

Make our site mono and minimalist.

Wrapt Films

Topright put the project together quickly and efficiently whilst being charming throughout. Simply put it was our best experience of web design to date!

Wrapt Films

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