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Client: Holler

‘Our business is changing and we need to change with it. Rebrand us to align with this new market’

Tech TV recognised that their market had changed and asked topright to help them rebrand. Traditionally Tech TV have created very high end film content for blue chip companies. Although a very successful business the market was shifting. Digital content has increasing importance for social media and is a exponentially expanding market. Tech TVs existing client list didn’t realise the expanse of services that they offer. The name, tone and image of the existing company didn’t communicate their aligned offering.  Enter topright design.

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Rebranding: Naming

This rebrand project started with renaming the company. Topright put together a tasty proposal of suggested names for the new company. These names have been conceived whilst thinking holistically about what has been spoken about in a zoom meeting. The client was also supplied a questionnaire  to help them think clearly about the new identity. This gives topright insights into the flavour and feel of the new brand.

The document laid out suggested names. It also briefly documented the thought processes behind the names. It included how they might potentially have extra brand uses further down the line.

The document also looked at potential URLs for the new company name. Potential URL’s where researched knowing that a hyphen in the address or any ‘clever’ misspelling of a word was not allowed. As you can imagine, urls have been purchased in huge quantities. Leaving very little on the shelf. But we managed to find good solutions for the most part by appending words such as studio, content, media, digital etc. We have researched many variants of each, giving the client much scope.

Rebranding: Logo design

Following on from the name choice topright supplied a design presentation. This communicated topright’s vision for the new logo and brand. It also explored the visual identity to help aid logo choice.

This presentation consists of proposed logo design directions and includes exploration of generic items like colours. Finally each of the design directions are documented with visuals to aid the client’s decision.

The presentation contained visual mock-ups not artworks or definitive designs. These further aid the client’s  visualisation. They represented the versatility of the logos and give an indication to how they might look in the real world.

Topright presented each logo design using the existing ‘Tech TV’ colours. This would evoke the rebrand to existing clients as an evolutionary progression. The proposal also explored further colourways for the client consideration. One logo was also shown within a campaign styling.

The web design would be done by the client’s existing suppliers.

Primary logo

primary logo

Logo variants

logo on background colour

Primary logo on mid tone flat colour

mono white-out logo on background

Primary logo on image (White-out version)

From the off, Topright nailed our new brand design with a great idea and concept, straight off the bat.

Matt Smith, Managing Director

Communication typeface and brand colours

Raleway bold


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C60 M1 Y0 K0

C0 M0 Y0 K90

C0 M16 Y100 K0

C26 M0 Y17 K10

C0 M50 Y100 K0

C21 M41 Y1 K6

C40 M36 Y0 K0

C0 M72 Y0 K0

Our new look is getting noticed and helping to push us forward - and that's thanks to Topright!

Matt Smith, Managing Director

They also came up with ideas for our branding that went beyond the brief.

Matt Smith, Managing Director

Social media avatar

A choice of colourways for the social media avatar. The client can use the primary blue or expand the colour palette by using the alternative versions. The avatar could be changed every couple of weeks to add a bit of fun and interest whilst also adding to the personality of the rebrand. All  the colour variants of the avatar were included in the logo kit that accompanies the guidelines.

insta rebrand

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