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Client: Ockham’s Razor

‘We want a versatile logo which encompasses the show’s DNA – It must shape the show identity’

Topright created this striking hand-crafted show identity font which mirrors urban shapes and environments. Interacting and interplaying with one another. The show identity is strong and bold. It offers unique use opportunities. The logo has a white-out variant for use on different media. This includes images or appropriate background colours. Because of the weighty nature of this logo. It also lends itself to masking suitable imagery. Resulting in yet greater scope for use for multiple pieces of design collateral.

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Topright have worked very closely with Turtle Key Arts for a number of years. In doing so topright have created all manner of different designs, including many show identities. As a result, topright have been introduced to a number of arts and theatre companies by Turtle Key. Such as, Ockham’s Razor. Ockham’s Razor are an amazing aerial theatre arts company. Combining circus and visual theatre to make work that is physically thrilling and entertaining. Praised as a ‘miracle of co-operation’ by The Guardian and ‘Special work’ by The Times. This company have used topright’s services for most of their shows’ promotional items and identities.

Their new outdoor show ‘Public’ is a performance about the ownership of urban public space. As a result, these spaces have become increasingly colonised by corporations. Including, malls, shopping centres, arcades and transport hubs are owned by private interests. With their own contracted security and surveillance. Consequently, in this landscape there is an unease around young people taking up public space – to experiment, play, rest together and build social bonds with their peers. Play becomes a risky and subversive act.

In ‘Public’ ten young acrobats and dancers create an image of a reality without guard in a public arena. Including, acrobatics, parkour and dance they move through the architecture of the streets. Lifting each other over and around walls, stairs, obstacles. Dancing with the fabric of the urban world. The show is about support, freedom and tenderness and asks how and where we can be uninhibited and unbound.

Design presentation

The show identity presentation by topright showed off four identities. Therefore each logo used custom crafted fonts. The identity design was delivered as a holistic approach. This included visuals and poster design mockups. This showed how each individual event identity might look in the real world. Most importantly, the main aim of the presentation is to help guide the client’s decision. During the design process, the event identities were explored in different styles. Above all, this was to make sure the logo had flexibility and impact in different uses.

Primary logo

show logo black

Logo variants

Primary logo white-out version

Show identity logo

Primary logo masked version

Show performance

We have been working with topright for over 20 years now for all our design needs, from websites, to leaflets, posters, logo identities, our annual report and much more. They are friendly and caring with a real understanding of the creative and performing arts and the charity sector.

Alison KingCEO, Turtle Key Arts

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