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Client: Undershaw Education

‘Help us to get a deeper connection with our Alumni’

Build us a stand-alone social network
Whilst all the school brand design was being implemented, topright added a closed alumni social network whilst building the school website. The network would enable ex-students and teachers to communicate with one another. They would  be able to share thoughts, images, projects with one another, to learn and grow. The social network design would also enable users to create groups, do surveys and comment on each others posts.

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This social media network design is part of the Undershaw school website. It Offers ex-students of the school a platform an opportunity to exchange ideas and thoughts. The alumni becomes a digital community. Students and teachers can create profiles, share images, dialogue and create groups.

The whole social network site is secure and cannot be view until a member is logged in. There is no registration facility, members are invited. The system is built upon the Buddypress platform, a powerful community plugin for WordPress that takes a site beyond a blog. It includes all of the features you’ve come to expect from any online community, like user profiles, groups, activity streams, notifications, and more.


Social network design

Social networks are a monster of functionality. Everything that happens has knock-on effects across it’s platform. Members are essentially ‘subscribers’ and everything the post or comment on can appear in multiple places. Building a social network from scratch is a cost prohibitive task and no client could really ever fund something of such magnitude. Unless of course you are Mark Zuckerberg or a business that has attracted massive investment. Therefore it makes sense to build and adapt on something tried and tested so that you don’t re-invent the wheel at great cost to a client. That way they benefit from something rock solid and cost effective.

Social Wall

A member can post content, comment on friends content. See where they have been mentioned and engage with groups.


As a 'closed' network it is important that none of the content is visible unless logged in. Even when logged in, users still have the option of ensuring individual items of content are marked for public or private view. Public view means the closed network, private is for invite.


Members can create their own groups, invite friends and make the group an 'request to join' or 'everyone can join'. Members can view and join conversations within the groups they are members of. Each group can be visually customised by the admin of the group.
Social network design tablet view
Social network design mobile view


Members of the social network design can create polls and to get an instant view of opinions of fellow members. Great when floating an idea about a get-together with a group of members. Or if a member just wants to simply see what's a popular choice with friends.


Members can DM one another, see if friends are online. Messages are sent to the users email so that if they are not present online they receive an email prompting them of activity.


Members have control over their profile, account and widgets with a comprehensive settings management centre. Here they can tailor their account with complete control and determine what notifications they want the system to give them. They can export their data and delete their account.

I bask in the knowledge that I have reaped genuine value from the relationship we have formed together. Topright have made me better at what I do.

Davinia SwanstonMarketing and Fundraising Manager, Undershaw Education

I had a strong desire to work with specialists as it was vital the product was delivered on time, on budget, and not be ‘just another website’. I got all of this, and more.

Davinia SwanstonMarketing and Fundraising Manager, Undershaw Education

Often in business, a sense of connection is everything. Use topright. They are good people.

Davinia SwanstonMarketing and Fundraising Manager, Undershaw Education

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