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Client: Heathfield School

‘We need a Summer School site that reflects our values but will also provide an engaging and informative experience for prospective students.’

topright were tasked with building a Summer School website design for their long standing client Heathfield School. Heathfield were looking for a website design that would provide an engaging and informative experience for their students prospective parents. The website needed to be easy to navigate and include an overview of the school and its programs, a detailed description of what the school offered, a booking form, and link to a payment portal. Additionally as any good website should, it needed to include photos and videos of the school and its activities.

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The aim of the Summer School website design was to attract foreign students to learn English. Providing them with an immersive learning experience that would help them to improve their language skills. As well as providing the opportunity to make new friends and explore a new culture. topright reflected all this within the website design. The website structure and design created is user-friendly and visually appealing.


The website provides a wealth of relevant information to students and parents. This includes transport information, booking forms, payment processing, contact information. As well as photos and videos of the school and its activities, as well as links to social media accounts.

Interactive features

The Summer School website has bold visuals and animations to make it more exciting and engaging. It also helps to show complex information in an easytounderstand way. There is a 8 tile menu with quick links to different pages on the site, making it easier to find what you need.

The outcome

Topright achieved success in meeting the client’s needs for their summer school website by creating a site that was easy to navigate and included all of the features one would expect from a prestigious boarding school. The website was visually appealing and engaging, and included photos and videos of the school and its activities. Topright ensured that the website was optimised for mobile devices, and provided the client with a user-friendly experience.

summer school website

Tailored booking forms

Completely customisable on page, responsive booking form for users to book their place on the Summer School.

Comprehensive map

A map which gives a clear location of the Summer School as well as an additional map which showcases the many amenities the school has to offer.

On-page visual menu

An attractive 8 tile visual menu to provide the user with two directions from which to explore.


A footer appears on all internal pages of this Summer School website, featuring the privacy policy, links to their social media channels and the Schools website.

Communication typeface and colours

Chosen for their versatility, suitability and communication qualities. These Google fonts will be used as HTML and embedded in the site.

Abril Fatface









It is a complete joy to work with such a creative and professional company.

Anna MorganDirector of Marketing, Heathfield School Ascot

Large messaging text

The homepage boasts an abundance of white space and large messaging text to help capture the users attention creating a professional, perfectly balanced site and improving user retention.

Hamburger menu

The menu icon is positioned at the top right of the site and is always visible and accessible to the user. When selected it shows a full page navigation to choose from.

Responsive design

The website design is built upon a grid system that allows it to be very effective when responsive. It works extremely well across the range of different devices and gives great user experience.
summer website

The standard of work is exceptional and this, combined with the speedy turnaround, attention to detail and in-depth knowledge of us as a client, means I have no hesitation at all in heartily recommending Topright to anyone. Keep up the great work!

Anna MorganDirector of Marketing, Heathfield School Ascot

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