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Client: Griffin Schools Trust

‘We need to amalgamate our festival sites into one place whilst championing our new branding.’

Alongside building the academy trust website, topright built three individual sites to celebrate the trusts’ festivals and symposiums. These multi-sites are very different visually to the academy trust website. But they are quite clearly part of the Griffin Schools Trusts’ brand. The trust website design makes use of white space, bold statements and a more fluid grid layout.

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Trust website design features

Topright included many interactive features to the trust website designs such as; latest social media feeds, animated banners, on page donation forms and more.

Throughout the trust website design there is bold movement and animation. This draws the user into the site. Each site has their own menu in the form of a hamburger menu. This makes sure that the user finds what they are looking for with little fuss. As with any modern, well thought-out website, there is more than one way to view information.

User experience

The site opens on the event title and some key quick links. These give the user quick navigation of the homepage. They link to snippets, overviews and introductions from where the user can ‘dive deeper’ if required. Below this is an introduction with a concise overview with a ‘read more’ link to an internal page.

The homepage includes links to videos. Showcases specific tailored inspirational quotes. The trust website design also features an animated scrolling banner with the message reading ‘You can make the difference’. This follows after the donation call to action for the trust. This links to more information and a donation form. Furthermore there is a Social media feed with the three latest images uploaded from the events Instagram account.

The trust website design is packed full of imagery and animation. This represents the excitement and engagement of the annual events.


Biryani was chosen for its versatility, suitability and communication qualities. This Google font is used as HTML and embedded in the site. Biryani compliments the logos and further showcases the brand.

Accent colours

The colours chosen for each trust website design have been carefullyconsidered. They reflect the colours within each of the logos. This keeps the design cohesive to the Trust’s brand. It also separates and identifies each of the three festival sites.

Hamburger menu

The menu icon is positioned at the top right of the site and is always visible and accessible to the user. When selected it shows a full page navigation to choose from. The user is able to access the other multi-sites from the main menu. Furthermore they can access the festival social media and navigate back to the Griffin Schools Trust site if desired.

Latest social media feed

Feeding the latest three images uploaded by the Academy Trust on Instagram.

Animated banner

An animated scrolling banner with the message reading ‘You can make the difference’. This follows after the donation call to action for the trust which links to further information and a donation form.
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Inspirational quotes

Inspirational quotes feature on the home pages of the multi-sites as well as the internal pages. All the quotes are specifically chosen to reflect the festival/symposium theme.

Donation call to action

A short introduction on the home page followed by a link to further information on the trust and a donation form.

School shields

12 of the school shields each linking to its individual school website.


A footer appears on all internal pages of this trust website design, linking to the other multi-sites, social media channels and the Trust's website.

We could never go anywhere else. Topright listen impressively well and comprehensively. They suggest and shape great designs because they understand your vision sometimes better than you do yourselves.

Liz LewisChief Executive, Griffin Schools Trust

Communication typeface and colours

Chosen for their versatility, suitability and communication qualities. These Google fonts will be used as HTML and embedded in the site. Biryani compliments the festival/symposium logos and further amplifies the brand.

trust communication typeface

GAF accent colour

GSS accent colour

trust identity

GSF accent colour

You are the best!

Rosie JonesGriffin Schools Trust

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