“We need to better communicate who we are and what we do.”

The Medicine Garden asked topright to review, re-design and build a new responsive website. The site had to have a great CMS web design backend so that it could be updated quickly and easily by staff. The web design structure and theory is based around the business being, at its heart, a community project. The Medicine Garden required ways of promoting the independent on-site businesses as well as being able to inform customers and visitors of the ‘destination’ nature of the business. topright broke the business up into it’s core components and gathered the offering up into defined groups: ‘Events’; ‘Eat and Drink’; ‘Shop’; ‘Wellbeing’. Using these categories to build the structure of the navigation, the web design allows visitors to find what they are interested in quickly and perhaps sharing some other information about The Medicine Garden that they didn’t know! The site has an online magazine feel as a result.

The Medicine Garden
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