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Client: Griffin Schools Trust

‘We want to make a difference in the Education sector. We need help to establish a unique webinar logo and identity.’

Topright were asked to create a webinar logo and identity by this long-standing client. Working with 3Fox to set up the brand voice and tone as well as naming the Channel. The identity had to reflect the goals and position identified in a brand workshop session. This brand was framed with purpose, values and character and the delivery style also identified.

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Exploring the webinar logo

After the brand workshop, topright presented a detailed plan. Showcasing how the webinar logo will work in multiple ways. The plan explored three directions. Each direction fitted the goals and position that developed out of the workshop. As with any brand design, the webinar logo is just a small part of any identity. How the brand uses the logo and interacts with the brand is very important. The brand can create the area which holds the logo. As the logo will be seen in many different places it was decided that the webinar channel would also need a ‘stamp’.

The primary logo uses a special custom logotype beneath a simple horizontal line. It is straight forward yet easily recognisable. A horizontal line creates an trustworthy and familiar appearance. Its overall look shows purpose, is simple and without fuss despite being fairly complex. The way the logotype is used will showcase the brand.


Use of a strapline

The primary logo will be used in the most cases. However, there will be instances when use of a strapline will be useful. A separate logo is used when appropriate. The strapline may also be used on its own from the primary logo using the communication font that had been chosen. It is imagined that a design agency would apply the use of the logo and strapline.


Versions of the webinar logo

To give flexibility to the logo there is also a landscape version. This makes sure that the logo keeps its presence and maximum visibility in different situations.

The colour palette of the identity design is key. These colours are mostly used within the supporting channel stamp and brand styling. When used together correctly they are pleasing, distinctive and very memorable.


The ‘channel stamp’

Used to support times where the viewer is already aware of the network. A shorthand version of the full webinar logo. working as a graphic tool, which is used to create supportive styling and create a strong visible presence. It is a quirky and distinctive representation of ‘building blocks’. The colours are not used in a typical 3D way, giving it a friendly, approachable and instantly recognisable form. These differing coloured shapes all go to make up the ‘whole’, reflecting the brand concept ‘Every perspective, allowed to be different’.


Brand workshop results: Shaping the webinar logo


The Brand purpose:
‘To create a safe platform for bright minds and active practitioners. A home to explore disruptive thinking, challenge educational expectations. Influence policy for better. Create opportunities for every child, in every school, in every community’.

The Concept:
‘Every perspective, allowed to be different.’

The Character:
‘Object to ordinary’, Take on challenges and explore together.’

The flag:
Inspiring leadership, achieving social injustice, addressing inequality and refining best practice.

The approach:
Re-defining the effectiveness and efficiencies of learning places. Identifying new models to address inequality. Re-framing the expectations of education. Shaping the thinking to positively influence policy.

Primary logo

Webinar identity design

Logo variants

Primary landscape logo

webinar identity

Primary logo with strapline (‘ivory’ version)

webinar logo

Channel stamp logo

Webinar logo design

Channel stamp on image (white-out version)

webinar banner
Webinar social media

Communication typeface and brand colours

Communication typeface and brand colours

C1 M49 Y84 K0

C9 M74 Y45 K0

C66 M7 Y29 K0

C66 M64 Y62 K58

C1 M1 Y9 K0

Topright's creative and high quality branding captures values and ethos.

Liz LewisChief Executive, Griffin Schools Trust

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